'A CAMP for students to take initiative for developing personality and which has been  conducted since VKV established.  '
VKV Nalbari observed 5 days non-residential PDC for the students of class VI. From 9/5/2017 to 13/5/2017.The principal of the school Sri Prahalad Gogoi sir inaugurated the function by lighting of the lamp and gave welcome speech addressing the students.
           All together 68 students attended the program. Some of the teachers and students were allotted with the following duties.
1. Shibir Adhikari –Vrimda Sharma.
2. Shibir Pramukh – Khraim Chan Narzary.
3. Shakshi Vinayak – Vrinda Sharma.
4. Sharirik Pramukh – Bipul Das.
5. Kakshya Vayvastha – (1) Piyali Dutta.
                                         (2) Prabal Kashyap.
            The students were divided into 7 groups. (Ganas). The name of the ganas are Ekta , Sahah , Buddhi , Samriddhi (Boys) and Tyaga , Vatsalya , Pragati (Girls).
             On the first day the program started with the school prayer. The Baudhik Satra was taken by Sn.Bishnu Sir who told about the life of Swami Vivekananda through stories . After this was Virats (break) for 15 minutes, after which children were given with some general instructions about the camp. Each group was allotted with the duties for the coming days. In ‘ Yogabhyas’ the students learned some exercises.
            After Alpahar (lunch) was the Geet Abhyas session which was taken by Anuradha Didi. Students where learned chanting Slokas.
            Next was the Krida Abhyas (games) for the students where they were guided by Sri Bipul Sir (games teacher). They played Round Kho- Kho .
           After games there was Bhajan session for the children under the guidance of Vrinda  Sharma and Khem sir. The camp ended with Kendra Prarthana.
           On 10th may the school remained closed because of Buddha Purnima. 

            The camp started with School Prayer. Then they sang Shibir Geet before the Baudhik Satra. The topic of Baudhik Satra  was Mananiya Eknathji- A Great Leader. This session was taken by
Sri Dhiraj Sir who spoke on the life of Eknathji highlighting his leadership skill. After this , in Karyashala , the students were asked to write about Swamiji and Eknathji  and they also gave a presentation, group wise.
             After Alpahar students practiced song in Geet Satra and played games in Krida Satra.
             Then they sang Bhajans together.The program concluded with Kendra Prarthana.
The  camp started like the previous day with school prayer. Satra – 1 was about Bhartiya Sanskriti – It’s uniqueness ‘which was taken by sir . Satra – 2 was addressed by Sri Jiten Nath Talukdar , Head Master of PUB Pokowa Milan M.E. school who is also a VKV Karyakarta . He spoke on the topic – Prayer and Pledge. After a short break (Virati) the students attended ‘ Yogabhas’ session.
             In Karyashala,the students clean some portion of the school campus as an activity band programme.On the topic ‘cleanliness’-How to keep our school campus clean.
           They also had Krida,Geet and Bhajan Satra  in the afternoon hours. They learned some new songs and slokas during these days. At the end they sang Kendra Prathana.    
           The last day of the camp included with programmes like yoga demonstration experience sharing by the students, over all report presentation by Shibir Adhikari and Ahuti Satra.
             The students learned many exercises , and Surya Namaskar during the Yoga Satra every day. On concluding day we started our programme with school prayer. Then after the Shibir Geet , the students gave a presentation on “How to keep our school clean”. Group wise.
          After that Ahuti Satra was started very beautifully. One by one students came to offer flower before Aum and took Prasad from the principal Sir as blessing.
         And Program ended with shantipath and Kendra Prathana.               

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