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For new admission (2023-24) click here; Admission for Classes Nursery to III is going on; New block of Nursery and KG is ready to welcome kids; Classes for Nursery and KG will commence in March 2023; Admission tests for admission to classes IV to IX will be held soon; For admission contact: 8638911403.

Record of Transfer Certificate issued from the Vidyalaya:

(w.e.f. April 2015)

Sl. No.    Names of the students        Class    Remark (Without information/TC No)

1.            Nandini Arora                          I            Not Informed
2.            Chikmik Hazarika                    I            Not Informed
3.            Darathi Kashyap                      III          TC
4.            Mayuri Deka                            IV         Not Informed
5.            Tishita Chakraborty                  IV         Not Informed
6.            Gaurangi Kashyap Patowary    IV         Not Informed
7.            Reon Kashyap                          VI          Not Informed
8.            Anurag Bharadwaj                   VIII       TC
9.            Anupal Bhardwaj                     VIII       TC
10.          Nibir Deka                               VIII       TC
11.          Nihar Deka                               VIII       TC
12.          Nilay Das                                  VIII      TC
13.          Jublee Almyan                          IX         Not Informed


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